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Welcome to Panorama Helicopters

Doing business with Panorama Helicopters will be an enjoyable and safe experience, that will meet your specific needs. The company operation base is located in Alma, Quebec, Canada. This geographical location of choice allows us to provide effective all azimuth flights. We have a dynamic team of professionals committed to the success of your project.

Our enterprise is growing quickly since 2000, we regularly add new aircraft to our fleet, allowing us to broaden our chartering services and also enables us to offer a wider selection to meet our customers specific needs. Our experience and expertise covers several areas including:

- Mineral exploration
- Environmental management
- The fight against forest fires
- Emergency services
- Communications
- Wildlife management
- Charter services and many other projects.

To our delight, since 2009, the company benefits from the vision, ambition and dynamism of its new president, Régis Villeneuve. He was able to open the doors towards new horizons by expanding our target market and by improving our fleet, which currently has a dozen aircrafts from light to medium carrier.

Our commitment

Partner in your project, our goal: To safely transport you to the destination of your choice. Our achievements in the past have enabled us to built a solid reputation in the industries, among other things, of providing personalized service according to customer requirements. That's why so much major enterprises with very high safety standards requirements, are choosing us to transport their staff.

Changes in our company since 2009, gives new life to future opportunities without affecting our previous engagements.

We are more ready than ever to help you realize your projects.


"With Panorama, a whole new world awaits you!"